Social Icons

This page displays the Social Media Shortcode example. This shortcode accepts any FontAwesome icon value – see a list of available icons here.

To add social icons simply create a socialGroup container first followed by any amount of socialIcon shortcodes. Here is a full list of parameters for the socialIcon shortcode:

  • icon
  • size
  • color
  • link
  • target


(socialIcon icon=»facebook» size=»10″ color=»#3C599B» link=»» target=»_self»)(/socialIcon)

(socialIcon icon=»twitter» size=»10″ color=»#32CCFE» link=»» target=»_blank»)(/socialIcon)

(socialIcon icon=»dribbble» size=»10″ color=»#D95232″ link=»» )(/socialIcon)

(socialIcon icon=»tumblr» size=»10″ color=»#1D87BD» link=»» )(/socialIcon)

(socialIcon icon=»android» size=»10″ color=»#009DF7″ link=»» )(/socialIcon)